Chevy's Olympic Ads, Yes.

I just read an article over on the Huffington Post about Chevrolet's ads featuring same-sex couples, one couple getting married (about ten seconds in), three more raising kids (one 10 seconds in, one 14 seconds in, and another at 15 seconds). The second commercial also features racial diversity and age diversity.

The point they make is that families are still the same, no matter how different they look.


Subaru produced some same-sex commercials a few years ago, so this isn't necessarily groundbreaking, but Chevy's are more important. Why? Because they're being shown on network tv during primetime, rather than over on Logo or Bravo like Subaru's ads.

Chevrolet is on a role with commercials if you ask me. These two, plus the Purple Roads commercial, really strike a cord with me. They go beyond "here's our car, buy it" to something I really appreciated about their "Chevy runs deep" campaign.


You can buy a lot of cars from a lot of companies in the US, but I really feel like Chevrolet is ours. Not Cadillac or Lincoln (for rich people), Buick (for not quite as rich people), Ford (still solidly American, but different), or Chrysler (I'm not touching that mess).

Yes, I'm biased. I was driven home from the hospital in a 1972 Chevelle Malibu convertible. Still, purple roads, diverse families — Chevy gets my values.


Now... if they'd just sell the Cruze wagon in the US (in brown, with a diesel, and a manual transmission).

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